Run the Surf Coast

We reckon that the Surf Coast is a bit of a hidden trail treasure-trove. There exists a huge network of trails to run on, through rainforests, along clifftops, into gorges and weaving through unique heathland.

A great group that welcomes anyone along on its many social runs, taking place from the You Yangs to the coastal stretches, is the Surf Coast Trail Runners group. Check in, join and get along to one of their super fun runs:

There are also plenty of great running events that we encourage you to come back down Surf Coast way for, including:

Great Ocean Road Marathon (road) / May

Surf Coast Trail Marathon (that’s us) / June

Surf Coast Century (trail) / September

Salomon Trail Run R4 (trail) / September

Roo Run (trail) / December

Tim Gates Memorial Run / December

Bells Bash (trail) / January


Screenshot 2015-07-16 17.32.15Why not mix your trail running with a little more activity on the wild side, namely some mountain biking, ocean swimming and paddling! The inaugural Adventurethon multisport is coming to Anglesea (just down the road from Torquay), taking place the weekend following Afterglow. So why not stick around the entire week – run Afterglow, then tackle a little adventure racing with Adventurethon?

There are courses to suit all from the experienced ultra adventure racer down to those who have have never picked up a paddle… long course, medium or short and there’s even something for the kids. A great weekend to top off an already funky weekend at Afterglow. Check out all the details at Adventurethon.