Event Transport


Due to the race being point-to-point, we will be providing ALL RUNNERS as part of your entry fee, dedicated (and mandatory) buses from the Torquay registration / finish line area to the start line at Point Addis AND start line of the 12km at Southside.

Runners should NOT turn up to the respective start lines in their own vehicles. It is mandatory that ALL competitors take the supplied buses from Torquay to the start.

FOR THE 21km: Buses and their departure times will be allocated to each competitor , who select their preferred timing upon online entry. Be realistic when you decide what length of time you generally take to cover 21km. It matters to the logistics and how much night time running you will get in. Sunset is not until approximately 8.30pm and last light (when it is actually dark) is not until 8.50pm, so for the night time experience we suggest choosing a start wave that means you will be out there in the dark. Rule of thumb 0- fast runners select the last wave, slower runners select the earlier wave.

It is very important that you note your bus departure time. It is competitors’ responsibility to be at your allocated bus prior to its departure from the Torquay finish line area. You CANNOT swap buses once you have booked it in (otherwise our logistics get very, very messy and we have an unhappy bus captain!).

Competitor’s cars should be left at the finish in Torquay.

21km Bus Timetable

Bus wave 1 = 6.15pm (sharp) departure (this is for runners who nominate slower run times)

Race Start #1 = 6.45pm

Bus wave 2 = 7.15pm (sharp) departure (this is for runners who nominate faster run times)

Race Start#2 = 7.45pm

12km Bus Timetable #NOTE CHANGES

The 12km run now starts from Southside Car Park, to the south of Bells Beach. PLEASE NOTE: buses are now being provided for this distance. Competitors MUST catch the bus as there is limited parking, drop off and turn around space at Southside. Please note that there are now NO START WAVES for the 12km (a change from when entries opened). There will be one start, and one bus departure. Briefing will be given before getting on buses. This is to prevent delays standing around at start line should it be cold (a learning from last year). It does mean a self seeded start, a slight funnel and patience required for the first 300m until you hit Bells Beach.

Race briefing @ 7.45 at bus departure point, Bomboras Kiosk, Torquay

Bus departs Torquay = 8pm (sharp)

Race Start  = 8.20pm